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Vulcan Buys Yesler Terrace Lot, Ramps to Nowhere No More

YESLER TERRACE— Vulcan Real Estate added 3.7 acres (three blocks) along East Yesler Way and west of Boren Avenue to their portfolio on Monday for a little over $22M. They plan to build approximately 650 apartments, including market-rate housing, ranging from studios to Seattle Housing Authority will use the money to building new low-income homes and add amenities to the neighborhood. [SPI]

DOWNTOWN— Chinese company TeamRise plunked down a little over $20M for the lot at the corner of Bell Street and Fourth Avenue and plan to build a 22-story residential tower. They hope to begin construction in 2016 and will attempt to save the facade of the Franklin Apartments, which are one of three buildings currently on the property. [PSBJ]

RAMPS TO NOWHERE— The Arboretum's Ramps to Nowhere are going to be no more. Left unfinished during an aborted highway build in the early 70's, the ramps will be officially dismantled over the weekend by WSDOT as part of construction on the new West Approach Bridge North. Considering this billion-dollar highway project is only half-funded, perhaps there are different ramps to nowhere still to come. [MyN]