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$2.375 Million For a Piece of Mercer Island's Waterfront

Foreclosures happen, and sometimes they are expensive; but maybe they're a good deal. Grand dreams available at discount prices.

Sad to see foreclosures happen, but look at this house. Better yet, look at what this house looks at; because the best selling point for this 6,160 square-foot, 4 bedroom, 4 bath house may be the fact that it has 50 feet of waterfront on Mercer Island. Mercer Island, where waterfront property is not under threat from sea level rise. Ah, but does that justify $2,375,000 for 0.85 acres?

Start with the house. It's contemporary, for 1983, so the ceilings are expansive creating volumes of space that can be welcome when trapped indoors by a Seattle winter. The spiders probably appreciate those faraway corners. The layout isn't just a bunch of boxes. The rooms may be square, the hallways and layouts break from orthogonality. Something besides squares must fill in the spaces at the corners. Such houses are necessarily unique.

The kitchen is shiny and modern enough. The master bathroom is spacious, too. Every room that has a view will be appealing, and the larger the windows the nicer the room. Why ignore such a setting?

Step outside, though, and visit the lake. If all you want is a house large enough to require a map there are plenty to choose from. Mercer Island is a haven and a sanctuary surrounded by a moat with bridges to the metropolis of Seattle and the explosive growth of the Eastside. Live close to both without the freneticism and noise. Some waterfront properties have the land and the water, but no way to tie the two. Having a private dock is a valuable addition that gives you easy access to your valuable asset of a boat. And, as long as the Montlake Cut stays open, you won't have to worry about rising water levels.

Foodies, though, will be drawn downstairs to the wine cellar that has plenty of storage, shelving tables, and is far larger than some cellars that are just closets under stairways. There's enough room for cases of vintages and supplying parties of dozens, maybe more.

Foreclosed properties experience turmoil, and even the expensive ones require a bit of repair. Take a good look around, not just at the view, but at the house as if it was any other house. Get an inspection. Make sure everything works, or can be fixed, and if nothing else, do something with those wires hanging out of the wall.
· 4710 E. Mercer Way [Zillow]
· Montlake Cut [CS]
Written by Tom Trimbath

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