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This Infographic Judges You Based on Your Seattle Zip Code

Esri has unveiled a web tool that lets you plug in any zip code and find out the dominant demographics (along with median age and income) in each neighborhood. Categories like "Metro Renters," "Dorm to Diplomas," and "Urban Chic" seem to populate places in North and Central Seattle while you're more likely to find "Urban Villages," "City Lights" and Enterprising Professionals" the more south you go. Sometimes that seems to make sense. Other times the descriptions just kinda sound like, well, anyone.

Since zip codes tend to cover more than one neighborhood, the data doesn't break down along precise stereotypical lines. It's also easy to feel like the subsets oversimplify each neighborhood. Take 98107 (Ballard), where, according to the the top three segments, everyone is "young," "well-educated" and "well-employed." Congrats, Ballardites!

Over in West Seattle (98116) is where you'll find the Urban Chic. That's a really fancy way to say "suburbanites," or so it seems from the language. Lots of talk of healthy portfolios, tech-savviness and yoga practices.

Over in Lake Washington on Mercer Island (a.k.a. 98040), you're probably not surprised to find out that's where the Top Tier lives. This is where those who "spare no expense" call home, that is, when they're not "taking luxury vacations" or visiting their "second homes." Actually, that kinda does sound about right.

Those hoping to see Pioneer Square's revitalization grow aren't going to like seeing that 98104 is dominated by the Social Security Set. That's low income, low-cost apartments and low interest in technology and commerce. Yoga? Please, they're too busy playing Bingo. In Pioneer Square? Who knew...
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