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Sheraton Gingerbread Village Announced, Kirkland Parkplace Plans Revised

DOWNTOWN— The Sheraton Seattle has announced that the 22nd Annual Gingerbread Village will be on display November 25 through January 4. This year's theme is "Jingle All The Way" and the featured architects include 4D Architects, Bailly & Bailly, Callison, MBA/Gelotte Hommas, Mulvanny G2, and Skanska. [Sheraton]

KIRKLAND— Entertainment/retail/office park Kirkland Parkplace is getting a makeover. Talon Private Capital, recently selected as the master developer of the project, has submitted plans for 210K sq. ft. of retail/entertainment space, 300K sq. ft. of apartment homes, and 650K sq. ft. of office space. The new plan eliminates a previously-approved hotel as part of the project.

EASTLAKE— Public47 Architects is bringing plans for Shelton Apartments to the design review board on October 22. The four-story building will include 61 residential units and will be built to Built-Green 4-Star standards for sustainability. The complex will replace three single-family homes currently on the lot.