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Seattle's Median Home Sale Price Rises to $380K

Real estate website Redfin recently released the September edition of its market tracker, and no surprise here, housing prices keep climbing. September's overall median sale price for the Seattle-area reached $380K, up a robust 7% over last year and steady 2.1% from last month. Seattle's still seeing more new houses on the market than last September but that number dropped 4.4% from August. Both "homes for sale" and "homes sold" are on the decline MOM and YOY as well.

Meanwhile, Tacoma seems to be moving in a less-optimistic direction. Their median sale price went down 0.1% from last year and 5.0% from August. That coincides with a serious drop in Tacoma-area homes listed month-over-month (16.3%) coupled with an 11.4% drop in homes sold in September. Considering that their market is still way ahead of last year in terms of homes available on the market, sellers would sure like to see some of those numbers go up and fast before they're back where they started.
· Finally, More Homes for Sale, but Will They Be Enough? [Redfin]


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