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Game of Thrones: Seattle Towards Top of Toilets List

If you ever have to go to the bathroom in Seattle, it really shouldn't be that hard to find a toilet. According to Redfin, there are 2,485,000 of them, and that's just in our homes. That's good enough for tenth in the country in terms of toilets per residents. Specifically, for every 100 people, Seattle has 91 toilets. That's more than Portland (89) and San Francisco (84). Seattle flushes 43,487,500 gallons of water every day, which sure sounds like a lot, but actually isn't in the top ten. So while we might have a lot of toilets per capita, we're flushing them less often than other major cities. Small victories...

Clearly, Seattlites are looking for homes that cater to their toilet-ing needs. So we looked around to see if there were housing festoon with flushers on the market and found three worth noting...

The $4.5M house at 7326 Bowlyn Place S near Seward Park boasts 6.75 bathrooms, the most of any home currently on the market. Good thing, too. The 12,380 sq. ft. estate covers a lot of ground and you want a WC close at hand whether you're roaming the garden or playing pool in the basement.

Meanwhile this stately Capitol Hill mansion comes with 6.5 bathrooms of its own. The 1914 home selling for $8.9M has added "recently minted modern systems" which we can only hope means all of the toilets now auto-flush. Ah, the age we live in. The problem is that since we're talking about luxury homes, the one thing they don't show in the photos is the toilets. Little do they realize that's what Seattle really wants to see...
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2025 1st Avenue, #6, Seattle, WA 98121