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That Was Quick: Tom Kundig's Leschi Residence For Sale Again

Last year, Tom Kundig's Leschi Residence went through a pretty smooth sales process. It listed for $1.8M in May and sold for $1.8M in June. Easy peasy. So easy, apparently, that the new owner wants to see if they can pull it off at a higher price. The 3-BR/2.25-bath is back on the market asking $2.2M. It doesn't seem to be a flip since, well, you'd be hard-pressed find a way to flip a Kundig. Besides, the home is a flip in an of itself, a complete re-working of the original 1,800 sq. ft. interior. Doors? Where you're going, you won't need doors. Everything's wide open here, including the awesome loft/bunk bed setup in one bedroom. The price might be a little higher but we're sure it'll go just as quickly.
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