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Five Properties Worth Buying Along Metro Bus Route 190

Seattle has buses. Use them In which case you might as well find a place to live along a line. One line at a time. Here's the next one, selected at random for the fun of it.

From Federal Way and Redondo Heights, ride route 190 to downtown in less than an hour, according to the schedule. Pass through Sodo and past the stadiums along the way. Just another way to sneak in to the city from the south.

↑ Buy a view that can't be blocked and it will be the most reliable part of the purchase. Buy a view that's 180 degrees and you're buying something that is in limited supply. You decide if such a view that comes with 5 bedrooms, 4 baths, and 5,181 square feet of house is worth $899,000. It's a bargain from its more recent price of $1,195,000. A kitchen to match such a house should obviously have an eight burner stove and multiple ovens, right? That's more than one burner per bedroom. And, don't miss the bedroom that does pink in a big way - including two chandeliers. The only thing small about this house is the lot which, at 8,276 square feet is less than half the size of the house.

↑ How do you make something smaller act bigger? Put more amenities in and take a few rooms out. The views are good, though not as panoramic. With only 4 bedrooms and 3 baths the 3,832 square feet still has room for expansive rooms. A football game playing on the big screen within an easy walk of the kitchen sounds ideal if you don't want to miss a moment of the game. You might have to walk out of view when you visit the wine cellar, but there's a wine cabinet under the kitchen counter so maybe not. It you need more room, step outside. That $679,000 gets you more than a quarter acre. Maybe you can host you own games.

↑ Yes, they're asking $314,500 for this 3 bedroom, 2.25 bath house; but, they missed an opportunity to appeal to the math geeks out there. Maybe one of them will offer them a hundred thousand pi, $314,159.26. Ah, but such a request is probably irrational. Whatever the price, this 1,790 square foot one story was bought at auction for $205,701. Evidently, appliances, fixtures, paint, and carpets have been upgraded and refreshed. And, if they take the numerically stylish number, relax in that hot tub and enjoy the $340.74 difference.

↑ Houses with white picket fences and enough room for gardens still exist, and this one goes for $244,950. The package seems appropriate for a WWII house. Built in 1943 on 0.41 acres, the 3 bedroom, 2 bath combination is a period appropriate 1,240 square feet. Frugal folks can appreciate a house that's proved itself over decades on a lot that may have been a Victory garden, and that could again produce produce. Frugal folks would also want to be aware that someone bought it at auction in 2013 for only $141,000; which may have been even a better deal.

↑ The lot, the price, and the size are all smaller, but the simplest numbers don't tell enough of the tale. Sure, $229,000 gets you a 1,020 square foot rambler with 3 bedrooms and 1 bath (it's a 1954 house), and sure, the lot is only 8,100 square feet; but, the property also has a 990 square foot outbuilding uninterrupted by central columns. That kind of project space is a luxury not found in many mansions. With a price that low you may even be able to afford the furnishings, tools, and materials you need.

See anything you like?
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Written by Tom Trimbath