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Catching Up With Cocktail Week; Caffe Umbria Opens on Ballard Ave.

Image: Renata Steiner

Without further ado, we present the latest and greatest from our sister site, Eater Seattle.

COCKTAIL WEEK 2014 -- It'a Cocktail Week over in Eaterland, with boozy coverage on the best picks for drinks in this city. Plus, obsessive dive bar posts, geeky explorations on bar accessories, and a secret cocktail lounge with its days numbered. Cheers.

LIFERS -- "It's a small, little place with a 7-Up sign, but we're a family." Eater features Brenda Black in a special Cocktail Week edition of Lifers. A longtime bartender at North City Lounge, the oldest bar in Shoreline, Black shares some very good stories, including one about crabs in the bathroom.

BALLARD -- Featuring a stove-top espresso bar, Caffe Umbria opened a gorgeous new cafe on Ballard Ave. The coffee shop is stocked with pastries from Macrina and Le Panier and serves up light lunches from neighboring Italian spot Volterra, plus wine and beer.