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Early Look at Martin Selig's Planned Downtown High-Rise

PSBJ got an early look at what Martin Selig Real Estate has in store for the property at Third Avenue and Lenora Street they just paid $16.9M for. Selig unveiled plans for a 440-foot (36-story) residential and office tower that would add a shiny spire to the Seattle skyline. The base of the building would include 210K sq. ft. of office space with 140 high-end apartments located above and five floors of underground parking below. Two entrances are planned, one on Third Avenue for the offices and one for residents on Lenora.

PSBJ says there's no current timetable for the project, which if built, would become one of the 25 tallest buildings in Seattle. The Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle and two small commercial buildings currently on the site would have to removed first.
· Here's what Martin Selig's latest Seattle high-rise could look like [PSBJ]