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Madison Valley Modern Still Haunted by a Ghost Toilet

As Halloween approaches, there's always an inclination to look around the house for eerie specters and strange happenings that might be afoot. We were reminded of a home we noticed back in June that appeared to feature a ghost toilet lurking where a toilet surely shouldn't. As we feared, that ghost toilet appears to have scared away buyers as the Madison Valley 3-BR it haunted is still on the market. Originally asking $589,950, the price has been chopped to $559,950, though we're not sure what price is good enough to consider a home that contains a spectral crapper that could appear at any moment. Shame, the Greenbuild Development modern abode looks great otherwise. Unless you're telling us that those rooftop deck chairs are currently occupied by spirits from the home that previous sat on the lot. If you do end up considering the home, please consult with that lady from Poltergeist beforehand. "Flush into the light, Carol Ann!"
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