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Seattle's Pricey Shorts: An Estate Between Two Peaks

Short sales happen, and sometimes they are expensive; but maybe they're a good deal. Grand dreams available at discount prices.

At the end of July, this house was within a theater ticket of a million dollars. Now, you can live above North Bend on ~4.5 acres in a 4,235 square foot house with 4 bedrooms and 3.25 baths for $899,000. With that much land and that large of a house, you can buy the feeling of having a personal estate; which is probably what they wanted too.

Remember Twin Peaks? Only a couple decades ago, North Bend was a quiet town known for access to Mt. Si, an outlet mall on the edge of town, one of the last places to get gas before heading over the pass, and as the set for a short-lived cult-favorite TV show. Then the town exploded and grew with developments that crossed I-90 and backed themselves up to Rattlesnake Mountain. This house was built in 2001 when the acreage was available and the neighborhood was new.

Thirteen years later, the feel of an estate remains. The foyer is large, open, and greeted with a sweep of a staircase. The ceilings are high, and the windows look out on an expanse which gives the eye a lot way to travel before being interrupted by sights of neighbors. There's plenty of room for formal dining and entertaining. There's even a game and bar room that is wide and long enough that playing pool doesn't require contortions to keep from banging into the walls.

The master bath has so much marble and glass that it must outweigh most of the rooms. Got a good foundation under that? Marble is marvelous because it looks good, is easy to care for, and isn't going to wear out. It creates a reliable region where you know you can relax in the bath while watching the view.

If it wasn't for traffic, it would only be a 40 minute commute to downtown Seattle. Bellevue is closer, of course. Working in Issaquah? Even better. Want to go skiing? Not only are you a lot closer to Alpental, but the house is high enough that by just walking outdoors you'll get a hint of the conditions. For a true skier, that's worth a lot.
· 43030 SE 163rd [Estately]
· Twin Peaks [CS]
· Alpental [Summit]
Written by Tom Trimbath