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Today in Seattle Pot Shops: Ocean Greens Now Open, Mello Times Coming...Soon?

[Ocean Greens]

Seattle sat at one pot shop for three months before this week when Uncle Ike's joined Cannabis City as your local legal marijuana dealers. Just like how once someone broke the four-minute mile barrier, suddenly everyone could do it, pot shops are starting to grow up all around town.

Seattle's third pot shop, Ocean Greens, held its soft-opening on Thursday (at 4:20, obviously). Located at 9724 Aurora Ave North, the place "features a 1960s-era bar with a modern, contemporary aesthetic."

Meanwhile, will Mello Times ever open in Central District? Despite the fact that owner John Branch was one of May lottery winners, his storefront still has yet to open. He moved one step closer this week buy acquiring an actual storefront. Via CHS, Branch purchased a 4,800 square-foot property on the 2400 block of E Union. Looks like there's still a lot of work to be done before they open so be on the lookout for Seattle Pot Shop No. 4 elsewhere.
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