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This Luxury Woodinville Listing is More Than Just a Treehouse

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Everyone wants to read about the treehouse. You get a lot more than a treehouse for $749,950. In Woodinville, that much money gets you acreage, 2 acres, on which sits a 2,205 square foot, 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath house that is luxurious enough to justify three-quarters of a million dollars - or, at least that's what they're asking.

If they asked that much without the treehouse, it would still be reasonable. This recently updated house has finely crafted walnut, oak, and granite in all the appropriate places. The style is far above the norm, in other words, it has style - classic without being neither dull nor intrusive. The kitchen looks to have that nice mix of new appliances, plenty of storage, and room to work. For business work, the office is expansive enough for a small company, and could double as a dance floor.

But, you probably want to see the treehouse. You should see this treehouse. This is no shack shakily stuck up in the branches. The treehouse is a three-story Pete Nelson masterpiece of fine woodwork, high-end rustic lighting, comfort zones all around, and a chance to be in the forest the way a regular house can't be. It is easy to imagine buying the house and the acreage, and then spending almost all of your time in the treehouse.

Homes are supposed to be refuges, and they are; but frequently they become little clusters of noises and reminders of chores. Refrigerators, washing machines, heating systems, and electronics all have their variations on hums, beeps, and vibrations. Work, life, and house maintenance are rarely ever done; and each room carries a reminder of a to-do list. Some people even want to get away from the effects of cell phones and wi-fi. Put a house in the trees, leave the systems, utilities, and electronics behind (but not the electricity), and find a piece of quiet that can't be bought in town.

Two acres is more than a house and a treehouse. There's plenty to play with outdoors: a tennis and basketball court, massive deck, a gazebo, and room, lots of room. More valuable sanctuary for the price.

And then, go back indoors. The bonus is the bonus room, a theater with a 139 inch screen and enough room to park motorcycles. Are they sure this is only $749,950? There's much more than a treehouse here.
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Written by Tom Trimbath.