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When This Project is Done, Every Seattle Park Will Have a Logo

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Inspired by the over 400 parks in the city of Seattle, graphic designer Dave Battjes set out in 2012 to create logos for every single one of them. In spite of moving away since then, he's continued to do just that. Over at Parks of Seattle, you can find a new Seattle park logo almost every day. No park is too small or too unassuming to miss the cut and that can cause creative issues in the design process, says Battjes. "Counter Balance Park. It's just a small slab of concrete that looks colorful at night. It should be really easy to make something right? I have passed over that park more times than any of the other parks that have caused me trouble." It's hard for him to pick his own favorite logos but he mentions Open Water Park, Regrade Park, Lakewood Playground and Rainbow Point. Peruse the Tumblr or Twitterfeed and see which logos (and parks) speak to you. If you really find one you like, you can find lots of merch featuring them over here.
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