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Want to Avoid Kids on Halloween? Head to Belltown & Downtown

It's Halloween and you know what that means. There are going to be a lot of children in Iron Man costumes swarming Seattle tonight asking you for candy. Not interested in spending the night asking kids what they're dressed up as (when you very obviously know already) or giving away chocolates you'd much rather be eating? Well then you better stick to your own kind...adults. And the best places to do that, according to the folks at You Are Here, are Belltown, Downtown and South Lake Union. In fact, they've put together an interactive map that visualizes the number and distribution of children aged under 18 across the entire city. Want to avoid the places where children make up a good chunk of the population? Avoid South Seattle then, where places like Beacon Hill (21%), Seward Park (23%) and South Park (25%) await. And you really want to steer clear of High Point, where, at 31%, children are the most prevalent demographic in the neighborhood.
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