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Cornerspotted: Come On, Guys, It's Western and Yesler

Yesterday, we asked you to guess where these brick buildings still stand today. Somehow, nobody got this: Western Avenue and Yesler Way in Pioneer Square.

Images: Seattle Municipal Archives, Google Maps
Images: Seattle Municipal Archives, Google Maps The building to the left, built in 1914, is currently home to the Pioneer Square Saloon and the Pioneer Square Hotel. The other is home to Italian joint Al Boccalino.

Because it is, afterall, Halloween, it's worth noting that the Pioneer Square Hotel is a location on the Spooked in Seattle Ghost Tour. according to some guy's Blogspot (because what is a source when it comes to ghost stories, really?), legend has it that in the '70s the then-flophouse's unscrupulous owner would not alert authorities when people died there, instead opting to bury the corpses in the basement. Spooky!

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