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Last Week's Biggest Sales: $2.58M For an Eric Cobb Modern

Listed for: $2.8M
Received: $2.58M
Size: 4-BR, 3-bath, 3,860 sq. ft.
Location: 4100 E Highland Dr, Madison Park
The Skinny: Designed by Seattle architect Eric Cobb and built in 2011, the 4-BR/3.5-bath hit the market in February. A modern blend of steel, concrete, white oak, and walls of glass, we noticed at the time that the home came with its very own custom monkey bars. Someone else noticed as well, just for $200K less than original ask.

Listed for: $1.18M
Received: $1.33M
Size: 3-BR, 2.25-bath, 3,260 sq. ft.
Location: 1712 35th Ave, Madrona
The Skinny: Wonder what kind of bidding war took place here. The home hit the market on September 16 and was pending one week later, eventually selling for $150K more than initial ask. The professionally-designed garden sanctuary featured in Traditional Home Magazine might have had something to do with it.

Listed for: $1.35M
Received: $1.32M
Size: 4-BR, 2.25-bath, 4,123 sq. ft.
Location: 1422 E Roy St, Capitol Hill
The Skinny: Built in 1905 and it the best way possible. This vintage Capitol Hill Victorian didn't stay on the market for long and with good reason. Built with space for a family in mind, it's full of nooks and extra spaces waiting to be discovered. It's come a long way even since 1989 when it sold for a scant $288K.