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Senseless In Seattle: How the Hell Did Tom Hanks' Boat Get From Lake Union to Alki Beach?

Since we were already mapping out the local locations seen in Sleepless in Seattle, we figured this was a pretty good time to try and answer a burning question of ours. See, we can accept that there's a certain kind of movie magic that allows for things to happen in cinema that can't happen in real life. We know we're talking about a movie in which everyone in America listens to the same nightly radio program and a small child boards an airplane by himself. But that said, we have always wanted to know how in the hell Tom Hanks and his son take their boat from Lake Union directly to Alki Beach?

That means Hanks & Son got in their tiny boat in Lake Union, took it under Aurora Bridge, Fremont Bridge and Ballard Bridge into Salmon Bay to the Chittenden Locks, where they went through the entire lock process, made it out into Shilshole Bay, drove around Magnolia, trekked it all the way across Elliott Bay and eventually landed at Alki Beach. That is a helluva long way to go just to toss the football around for five minutes and then head all the way back to their Lake Union floating home before the sun goes down.

And let's not even get into Meg Ryan driving over the Fremont Bridge, INTO Fremont, and ending up in Alki Beach at the same moment the boat arrives. Walk away, everyone. Just walk away...
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Ballard Bridge

, Seattle, WA 98107