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A Wild 1950's Madrona Rambler Appears!

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The year is still 2014, right? We ask because we just came across the listing for the 3-BR at 1116 35th Ave and immediately thought we had been transported back to 1951. Surrounding it on both sides, your expected older building types with muted, warm colors. But then there's this place, with it's blast of turquoise blue, complete with turquoise gate and gutters (cause you gotta coordinate...). Inside, the delight continues with a vintage pinecone tree wallpaper that we are a bit jealous of. The throwback tour continues in the living room (drawn curtains!) and the rec room (that brick fireplace!). Someone's probably going to come in and gut this mid-century time capsule, possibly replacing the entire building with a modern structure, which is a shame. At the very least, someone better find a new home for that wallpaper. Otherwise, we call dibs.
· 1116 35th Ave [Estately]