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Keep an Eye on That Creeper in Aurora 77's Renderings

New Core Development and Workshop AD are getting ready to present plans for recommendation to the design review board on Monday, November 17 for Aurora 77. The mixed-use development at the intersection of Aurora Avenue North and North 77th Street will include roughly 4K of street-level commercial space and thirty-four residential units sharing access to a communal courtyard. The updated renderings all look sleek and seem to imply that the complex wants to attract a young, vibrant type of tenant. Everything looks in order...except for that creeper just standing there staring at the young women on the walkway above. With his hat pulled down low over his eyes, wearing a long coat even though everyone else is wearing short sleeves or skirts, he's not even trying to act anything but shady. There's no way this guy lives here. Should we call someone? We feel like we should call someone...
· 7612 Aurora Ave N []
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