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Check Out These 9th & Thomas Renderings From Olson Kundig

The address might be 234 9th Avenue N but you can call it Ninth & Thomas, a mixed-use project with 152,769 sq. ft. of office space, 11,859 of street-level retail/restaurant space, 155 underground parking and a small residential component. Designed by Olson Kundig Architects for Point32, the South Lake Union project goes before the design review board for recommendation tonight. Featuring a 3-story podium and mid-level roof garden, the design attempts to blend in with the look of the neighborhood, no small feat when you're building a 12-story tower. 9th & Thomas also boasts ambitious goals for energy performance, including the use of locally sourced and non-toxic building materials and plans to capture and use on-site storm water. Make sure you check the rendering for the interior lobby, which is described in plans as the building's 'living room.'
· 234 9th Ave N []