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Westlake Steps Take One Step Closer to Recommendation

Tonight at 6:30 pm, developer Holland Residential and architect Weber Thompson will present revised plans and renderings of their Westlake Steps project to the design review board for their second recommendation. Looking over the renderings, we get a much clearer idea of what the entire complex will look like. Split between two buildings, the West building at 1414 Dexter Ave N will include approx. 161 market rate apartments and 250 underground parking spots, while the East building at 1287 Westlake Ave N will include approx. 158 market rate apartments, a residential lobby and roughly 1,400 sq. ft. of retail space. Many previous concerns from the board about landscaping, signage and pedestrian access have been addressed in the revised proposal. Also good to remember this is only "phase one" of the Westlake Steps project, which may eventually include a hotel, office building and possibly more.
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