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Amazon Intros Three Building Plan at Hurricane Cafe Spot

We've said this before and we'll say it again. One day soon they'll rename it Bezos Triangle. Until then, it's still Denny Triangle and it is chocked full of upcoming Amazon office buildings (and spheres). We've been waiting patiently to find out what they had in store for the space currently occupied by Budget Car Rental, Hurricane Cafe, and a Cornish College of the Arts dorm. And now we's more giant buildings...

The online retailer, which is scheduled to seek guidance next Tuesday from the city's design review board before applying for a master permit, has proposed two separate visions for the city block, known as Block 21, depending on whether the city grants its request for privatizing a through-block public alley. If the city grants the alley vacation, Amazon proposes three buildings with a total of 835,200 square feet of offices and 35,000 square feet of street-level retail, as well as underground parking for 835 vehicles.

If the alley vacation happens, they'll go with a 24-story tower along 7th and Bell, a seven-story structure at 8th and Blanchard and a one-story building on 7th. If the alley vacation doesn't happen, Amazon will make room for 777K sq. ft. of office space, 38K sq. ft. of street-level retail and parking for almost 800 vehicles on either side of the alley.

We all know they're going to get the alley vacation, right? They're Amazon. They'll send drones after us if they don't get it.
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