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Paseo's Shocking Closure; Shiro's New Sushi Venture

This week's top hits from Eater Seattle, Curbed's sibling bar, restaurant, and nightlife blog.

THE SHUTTER -- Beloved Caribbean sandwich shop Paseo suddenly closed on Tuesday, to the shock and dismay of its legions of fans. A note on the door of the Fremont location made mention of "unfortunate circumstances" leading to the business's demise, which might have something to do with the fact that four former employees are suing owner Lorenzo Lorenzo. They're claiming the restaurant denied mandatory rest and meal breaks, withheld overtime pay and other wages, and treated some employees differently based on race.

VITAL UPDATES -- Chef John Sundstrom is inching closer to introducing Seattle to a trio of projects in Capitol Hill's Central Agency Building. Lighting has been installed and furniture is arriving in the relocated Lark, scheduled to launch at the start of December. The same goes for mezzanine level bar Bitter/Raw. The chef's third, casual concept Slab Sandwiches + Pie is on track for a mid-December launch. The final day of service in Lark's original 12th Ave. space is Wednesday, November 26; after that it will transition to an event space.

COMING ATTRACTIONS -- Seattle Met broke the news yesterday that famed Seattle sushi chef Shiro Kashiba is opening a new restaurant in Pike Place Market. Kashiba had gradually stepped away from his popular Belltown restaurant, having sold his share of the business earlier this year. He still made appearances behind the counter, but that came to a close recently, too. Kashiba had confirmed to Eater last month that he was indeed searching for a place where he could "do his own thing." Kashiba will be at the new restaurant full time and hopes to open by summer 2015, though there are still a few more hoops to jump through before that can happen.