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Another Woodinville Wine Short Sale, This One For $835K

Short sales happen, and sometimes they are expensive. Grand dreams available at discount prices.

You can get a lot of house for under a million. There's another house in Woodinville that, sadly, is up for a short sale at $835,000. Its square footage is larger than some lots, 4,870 square feet. The lot is more than an acre, over 1.3 acres. The 4 bedrooms and 3.25 baths isn't extraordinary; but it has 3 fireplaces and 13 skylights. Thirteen skylights, is there any room left on the roof for shingles?

Art makes an entrance. The front doors are bracketed by art glass windows, a way to make the entry distinct and unique. With 4,870 square feet, there is plenty of wall space for hanging more art. Even the kitchen has a shelf above the cabinets that is used for framed works. You'll have more room and wall space than some galleries.

Size, walls, windows, and doors does not make a house. Style makes a big difference. The ceilings are lofted. The windows are large, and frame nature instead of neighbors. The rooms are large, and there are several that aren't bedrooms or bathrooms. An office, of course. Family room and living room, naturally, or at least conventionally. There's even one for a pool table and bar.

Bathrooms are plentiful, maybe so you won't have to take the long walk to the far end of the house. A tub is more than a tub when art is placed beside it; in this case, art is incorporated into the wall. Can't enjoy the view out the window? Night happens. Then, art becomes the view. Hope you like it. It might be hard to change.

Decks, porches, and patios; take your pick. The biggest could hold a dance party. One has a hot tub under cover. Another is set for a smaller gathering. Each seems to be built or covered with a different material. Out front, the driveway is large enough and flat enough for basketball.

It is all set on over an acre in an appealing part of the country. Wineries, golf courses, maybe even golfing with wine, why not? And, when you decide to stay home, the view is of trees, hills, and the valley. That's something to enjoy, as long as you aren't too busy tending 1.3 acres of landscaping.
· 14851 NE 155th Place, Woodinville [Estately]
· Woodinville Wine And Song [CS]
· Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery [CSMW]
· Columbia Winery [CW]
Written by Tom Trimbath