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Fitness-Friendly Hotel Planned for SLU, New Northgate Hampton Inn

SOUTH LAKE UNION -- For the weary traveler who would rather do crunches than take a nap, the upcoming Even Hotel at 527 Fairview Ave. will be tailor-made for you. The 123-room hotel will feature "fitness zones" in each room with cork flooring and exercise equipment like a stability ball. They'll be a good, old-fashioned gym as well for traditionalists. [PSBJ]

NORTHGATE -- A six-story Hampton Inn & Suites is now planned at 9550 First Ave. NE in Northgate. The hotel will include 168 rooms, 136 parking spaces on site and 15 spaces off site. Gramor Development Washington is developing while Jensen | Fey Architects is the architect. [DJC]

TACOMA -- A new hotel will be erected close to the Greater Tacoma Convention and Trade Center if a tentative agreement between the city and Yareton Investment comes through. Under the agreement, a four-star, 300-plus room hotel would break ground in late 2016. Yareton also has planned for a second round of development that would include condos and retail. [BE]