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Get Cozy Inside This 160 Square-Foot Cabin in Shelton

Welcome to Tiny Homes, an idea that is more popular with minimalists than with neighborhood associations and zoning boards. We'll point out the fun parts. You'll have to check out the logistics and legalities. The sellers did.

A couple built their dream, and now need to pass it on. Two and a half years ago they moved into their tiny house on wheels. Life happens and they need to leave it behind in Shelton. Here's an opportunity to buy 160 square feet of an already classic tiny house on wheels for $17,000. You'll get a bedroom and bath. They'll get what they need to start their new life. This could be a very good deal.

Used equals proven. Brand new homes are known for having builder's glitches. It happens in tiny homes, too; especially if they were built by people who sacrificed speed for quality hoping to cash in on trends. This house was built and designed by people who lived in it. They were committed to making sure it worked, and then proved it by living in it for years. The test drive is over. They can tell you where the squeaks are, if any.

A classic tiny has a loft bed, which this does, too. This one, however is oriented across the width, and lit well. It looks appealing. Under the loft is the kitchen and bath, as usual. The kitchen is wired for regular 110V, so the appliances can be standard, though small. The stove is propane, as is the heat and hot water. The bath doesn't have a bath, but it does have a composting toilet and a shower. The basic comforts are there.

One secret to small spaces is resourceful storage. A second loft provides some. The benches fold up. A custom cabinet holds large flat items like cutting boards. Throughout they seem to have worked in every opportunity to organize stuff and keep it out of sight.

Their material choices were conscious: new when needed, old when refurbishment was possible. Spending weeks turning an old hotel butcherblock into a tiny house countertop kept them entertained. You can benefit from their efforts.

There are probably a few niches or scratches. Any house gets them. In a tiny house, the patina acts as marks of achievement. If the house didn't work, they couldn't have lived there as long as they did. Now, you get to make your mark, too - if you can find a place to park the house.
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Written by Tom Trimbath