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Seattle Foreclosures: Maybe a Million in Maple Valley

Foreclosures happen, and sometimes they are expensive; but maybe they're a good deal. Grand dreams available at discount prices.

Have you lived in Seattle long enough to know about the Street of Dreams, neighborhoods of phenomenal show homes? Maybe this was one, but 8 acres tends to set a house apart from its neighbors. This house has also been set apart because it is going through foreclosure. A 4 bedroom, 3 bath house with 4,380 square feet that could be worth a million is available at $829,900. That's a lot of house and land for that kind of money; of course, it is also a long commute to Seattle, too.

Street of Dreams homes were known for expert craftsmanship, innovative designs, and size. The house is certainly big enough. A 4,380 square foot house with only 4 bedrooms suggests very large rooms, or a few extras like offices and dens. Elbow room everywhere. Double ovens, full-size side-by-side refrigerator, a couple of extra burners on the stove, the kitchen has enough capacity for most Thanksgiving feasts, and their leftovers. There may only be 3 bathrooms, but some should count as two. Jack and Jill never had it so good, but that's the kind of bathrooms in this house.

It is possible to give a house a grand feeling without being ostentatious. That's one of the characteristics of many northwest houses. Keeping it to one story makes it more reasonable, but the peaked roof keeps it from getting lost in the land. The entry beams keep the foyer on a more human scale.

Eight acres means lots of room. No problems with parking. The best way to preview the property may be by going to your favorite satellite view to see things they forgot to mention. The circular drive is described, but the fact that it's big enough to long trucks to swing through is a surprise. A couple of outbuildings show up, too. That's handy. Acreage usually requires tools and supplies. And, what's that out back? A swimming pool? How'd they miss that? Maybe it belongs to the neighbors. Nah. That's doubtful.

There's always more of a story than a few sentences or paragraphs can contain. This property must have more than one or two. One story may be that it is really worth a lot more than they are asking. Maybe a million?
· 28730 SE 216th Way, Maple Valley [Zillow]
· Street of Dreams [SSOD]
Written by Tom Trimbath