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Urban Visions Not Envisioning Tallest Skyscraper in Seattle After All

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Real estate developer Urban Visions and architect NBBJ have released early design of the the 888 2nd project, and there's a big hole in the middle of it. Specifically, a central atrium running the entire block at street-level which will allow pedestrians to walk underneath the 60-story tower and look up through it. According to Urban Visions CEO Greg Smith, plans call for 1.2M square feet of space, 30K square feet of street-level retail, which includes a new & improved Metropolitan Grill, and 140K square feet of residential space (likely condos). Plans are to go begin the design guidance process within the next couple months but there is no ETA on construction. Early plans called for the tower to rise 77 stories, making it the tallest in Seattle. Even though it won't be the tallest in town now, it'll still be able to give people a reason the look to the sky above.
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