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Seattle Foreclosures: What Was Almost a Million in Auburn

Foreclosures happen, and sometimes they are expensive; but maybe they're a good deal. Grand dreams available at discount prices.

Do you remember 2007, when housing prices were expected to appreciate, at least a little? This house sold for $965,000, close enough to a million that a few percent increase in a year would make it hit seven digits. Now, you can get it for $624,900. "It" is a 4,110 square foot house with 3 bedrooms, 3.75 baths, and 18.3 acres. That much land in King County is becoming hard to find, even outside Auburn.

They must have been proud. The house was built in 2005. Imagine the owners walking to to a custom, high-end build home with beautiful woodwork and granite countertops. One room even includes a partial tower, a partial octagonal bay on both floors, which is an excellent way to view the property, and probably the mountains.

Two of the bathrooms are equipped with double sinks, though the fancier one looks like a couple would be butt to butt trying to use the ones in the master bath simultaneously. The opposing mirrors must make an awesome infinity view in the reflections. Maybe it is best to only use that bathroom when there you aren't recovering from an awesome party. The fancy tub and custom shower are appealing.

A house in the middle of 18 acres is not going to have a good Walk Score, unless you're interested in walking around your private park and grounds. A walk around the perimeter must be almost a mile. Do a few laps. Or, pick from something in the two car garage, or the one car garage. You will fill all the bays, won't you? Then drive; because, there aren't many stores near by.

Nine years after it was built you get the chance to move in for 2/3rds their price. Move in. Install some appliances. Fix that hole in the wall. Maybe shift a sink or two. Enjoy.
· 37308 212th Way SE, Auburn [Zillow]
Written by Tom Trimbath