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Count the Animals in Washington State's Taxidermy Haven

We don't feature too many listings from places like Washougal, WA all the way down in Clark County. However, not too many listings feature a room like...that. You name it, the owner of this house appear to have killed it, stuffed it and mounted it (we can imagine some Seattle-area readers wanting to do to the same to the owners...). It does look like one antelope was lucky enough to escape the trophy room, though it didn't make it past the home office. As for parts of the 11-acre property not adorned with animal carcasses, this gated estate features a 6-BR home with a vault, large terrace, exercise room, outdoor living area, multiple fireplaces and a full wet-bar. There's also a bathroom with a treadmill in it in case you need to work up a schvitz. Last sold for $607K in 2006, the home has had extensive renovations and additions in the year since, hence the $2.9M ask.
· 39007 SE Nichols Hill Rd, Washougal [Estately]
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