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This Shoreline Home is Missing an Entire Bottom Level

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Help! Someone has stolen the first floor of this 3-BR at 14715 31st Ave NE in Shoreline. At least, it sure seems like it from first glance. No word on whether or not the asking price of $349K includes the missing lower-level or if it's the price no matter how much of the house is actually there. It's weird, though. We see a front door, kitchen and garage. Also, from the back, it sure looks like a complete house. And if someone did steal the bottom half, they left some nice hardwoods, a wood-burning fireplace and a spacious backyard. Maybe it's a magic trick? Or maybe it's a TARDIS. It certainly seems bigger on the inside. Still, keep an eye out on Craigslist for someone selling a lower-half of a home...
· 14715 31st Ave NE, Shoreline [Estately]