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Ida Cole's Queen Anne Condo Makes Paramount Offer at $319K

Two things immediately stand out about the listing photos for the 572 sq. ft. 1-BR in Queen Anne's Willis Condos. There is a ton of artwork on the walls and someone really wants you to read about the Paramount Theatre when you're on the toilet. A little bit of digging reveals the obviousness of those clues...the unit, asking $319K, is owned by Ida Cole. The former Microsoft vice president is best known locally for restoring the Paramount Theatre. The new owner of this condo gains the benefit of her appreciation for restoration as well as 9-foot ceilings, subtle color design and high-tech lighting that enhances the interior spaces. She's probably taking the David Bowie poster with her though. Shame.
· 720 Queen Anne Ave N, Unit 211 [Estately]
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