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A Bit of Storybook Whimsy Comes With This Yelm Tiny

Welcome to Tiny Homes, an idea that is more popular with minimalists than with neighborhood associations and zoning boards. We'll point out the fun parts. You'll have to check out the logistics and legalities - and the builder says it is good in Thurston County.

A master craftsman built a bit of whimsy in Yelm. Instead of the now-conventional horizontal clapboard siding and straight-pitched roof, this tiny house has outside walls like interior wainscoting and a roof that swoops down from a high peak to flare at the eaves. All that style for $9,800 for 150 square feet.

The style isn't the only thing that's unique. The 150 square foot refers to the eave overhang dimensions. The footprint is less than 96 square feet. The bedroom loft adds a bit of that back. The peak tops out at 16 feet, which provides a lot of loft in the loft. A 16 foot peak also means transporting the structure may take some care. Many tinies on wheels try to stay under 14 feet so they don't have to maneuver around overpasses. This tiny also doesn't have wheels; so whatever moves it has to add the height of the bed of the trailer. A helicopter delivery could get around that though.

As people get closer, they'll notice the custom round-topped door; and as they get closer again, they'll notice that it is a dutch door. A nice touch, and a great way to let the air in and keep the dog out. From the inside, they'll notice the skylight, which is an impressive touch in a roof with curves.

Inside is up to you, or at least there's nothing in the description to suggest the presence of a kitchen or bath or closets or furniture; except for the loft. That may be why the price is so affordable, and why the structure is so versatile. With nothing in the way, except a red ladder to the loft, the space can be whatever you can fit into it. Buy it for $9,800. Pay to have it moved. Then modify and fill it to suit your needs. You may still save money over a tiny house that was built for a specific purpose. Maybe you'll even put in more windows so the one in the roof and the one in the door don't have to do all the work.

And find out about the dog. It's either guarding the house, thinks it owns it, or is waiting to get in.
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Written by Tom Trimbath