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Seattle is the 8th Most Expensive Place To Rent In America

Real estate website Zumper is back with their October report on the state of monthly rent around the U.S. While Seattle isn't even close to San Francisco or New York, we're holding our own with a median 1-BR rent of $1,600, good for 8th most expensive in the nation. Perhaps as a sign of good(ish) news, that number is actually down from September by $15 and down 3% overall from last quarter. Meanwhile, median rate for a two-bedroom is down from $2,251 to an even $2,200/mo. Seattle's Central Business District continues to be the lone local neighborhood among the nation's most expensive with a median 1-BR rent of $2,609/mo. Seattle's median 1-BR rent remains slightly cheaper than Bellevue ($1,640/mo.) but more expensive than Redmond ($1,410/mo.).
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