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Cast a Vote for Frank Chopp's Central District Urban Cabins

Today, you may or may not be casting a vote for Frank Chopp, the current 43rd District representative and Speaker of the House in the Washington House of Representatives. We're not here to endorse him but we are here to endorse Chopp's modern "urban cabins" in the Central District. As Seattle Dream Homes explains it, Chopp and his father bought the vacant land on Yesler Way at auction in the 1970's for "under $20K." Chopp & Son then set out to build both triangular structures and have rented them out since. Chopp told SDH that he doesn't have any plans to sell the land, which could be very lucrative to developers, but could envision it eventually as a community center or low-income housing. So long as these surprisingly cozy-looking cabins remain intact, that plan gets our vote.
· Frank Chopps' Modern "Urban Cabins" in the Central District [SDH]