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Rainier Square Tower Could Be Seattle's 2nd-Biggest Building

Early plans for the Rainier Square redevelopment called for a 50-story tower. The folks at Wright-Runstad and NBBJ apparently watched some Spinal Tap between now and then because the recently-revised plans call for this building to go to 11.

New plans now call for a 58-story tower consisting of 790K sq. ft. of office space, approximately 180 apartment, a 150-room hotel and 30K sq. ft. of restaurant and retail space at the base. According to Wright Runstad CEO Greg Johnson, the residential units, which will average 1,000 sq. ft., will rent for around $4,000/month.

The $600M project would be the second-tallest building in Seattle at 850 feet, behind only Columbia Center. Assuming demolition of the Rainier Square mall begins by late 2015, the developer says lower-level office space and hotel availability could be ready by mid-2017 with apartment occupancy open beginning sometime between mid-2018 and mid-2019.
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