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Here's an $820K Woodinville 4-BR Overlooking Wine Country

Short sales happen, and sometimes they are expensive. Grand dreams available at discount prices.

Oh, to live in wine country. You can, you know. Grapes grow here, but most of the wines come from grapes grown over on the dry side of the mountains in places like Yakima. Wineries, however, grow well in Western Washington because enough residents enjoy uncorking a bottle for dinner. Two of the oldest and largest wineries have a neighbor that is a house up for a short sale. A 3,020 square foot house with 4 bedrooms and 2.5 baths is available at $800,000. Nice neighbors for less than a million. What's not to like?

Ignore those powerlines. They pass over or near the property - or at least so says the listing. There must be some scheme for saving on electricity or heating as a result. The wineries are also close enough that you can hear the concerts, whether you enjoy them or not. But, more wine is only a walk away. This is also a short sale and being sold as-is; so, make sure as is is as good as it should be for the price.

Ignore all of that and return to thinking about the house. It is easy to see why it may command such a price. The kitchen is a mix of very nice appliances and slabs of marble. The bath has a tub that the dog can do laps around while you soak. The staircases are stylish. The ceilings and windows are tall and spacious. More than necessities live here. There are comforts and luxuries, many of which are probably upgrades from the original 1988 construction.

Don't ignore the outdoors. The lot is 0.80 acres that slope away to reveal a view of the sun hitting the horizon. That's enough land to keep a gardener happy and busy. Ornamentals, herbs, fruits, and veggies - step into the exploration of what grows there that will go with the wines from down the hill. Grapes! Maybe grapes grow there. Try it and find out.

A home is defined more by the residents than by the house. This house provides opportunities. There is a bias though that steers the owners to a certain lifestyle. With wineries in the neighborhood and cellar built for bottles, it's a good idea to bring a corkscrew when you move in. Sit on the spacious back deck, open a bottle from Columbia Winery, and listen to a concert being held at Ste. Michelle; or the other way around. You are of drinking age, aren't you?
· 15206 NE 144Th Place Woodinville [Redfin]
· Columbia Winery [CW]
· Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery [CSMW]
Written by Tom Trimbath