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Big Foreclosure, Small Price in Maple Valley

Foreclosures happen, and sometimes they are expensive; but maybe they're a good deal. Grand dreams available at discount prices.

There are cabins small enough to be built from a single tree turned into lumber. Then, there are cabins built from trees stacked on trees. Settlers made log cabins as sturdy, well-insulated, houses that could be passed on for generations. Modern log homes leave the cabins behind, but carry on the style and benefits. There's a log cabin in foreclosure, sadly, that is big in more ways than square footage, yet the price seems low. Unless, that is, you think a custom-designed and built 3,430 square foot, 4 bedroom, 3.3 bath, log house on 4.7 acres should cost less than $360,000. That's only $105/sq ft, with acreage, too.

No need to paint. That's a benefit most homeowners can appreciate. They did it anyway. It has been painted or stained; but only on the outside. Inside, the life of the wood isn't hidden. Every wall, floor, and ceiling is unique; saving this house from the featureless drywall box syndrome. Well, not entirely, but enough so that the rooms with outside walls have character. Just think of it, there's no mystery about where you can pound a nail to hang a picture.

Settlers' cabins were more walls than windows. This log home has enough windows to build a greenhouse. There's lots of light in the main rooms. The foyer is open, with a pair of staircases leading down from opposing balconies. A two story ceiling and a big stone fireplace gives the place the feeling of a lodge. What would you hang over the mantel, elk horns or crossed skis?

The kitchen is spacious, with tile countertops and a big updraft vent hood. The fancier room though, is the master bath with a jetted tub. Lots of homes have jetted tubs, but few have them framed in a window box with views in three directions; and the area set apart with drapes. Log homes can have soft places.

A log home fits best when surrounded by trees. A 4.7 acre parcel is a source of firewood, buffer, mushrooms, wildlife, and potential. That much land for that price is less than $2/sq ft, even without a house on it. So, really, buy the land and get a great house as a bonus. (But get it inspected first. Foreclosures can be tricky. And why is there a lone fire extinguisher in that empty room?)
· 21202 253rd Pl SE Maple Valley [Zillow]
Written by Tom Trimbath