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Rebls Plays Matchmaker for Western Washington Homeowners

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Say you own a home. You wonder about whether or not you could sell it and get what you want but you're not quite ready to put it on the market. Or maybe you're not even sure what kind of interest your home would have on the market. That's where Rebls comes in. The PreMarket site connects homeowners and buyers in a way that requires no commitment from either side. As they describe it, it's for homes. Currently in "open beta" for King, Pierce & Snohomoish County homeowners and buyers, we took a look around to see what kind of homes are being offered up for consideration.

Looking for something on the smaller side in Capitol Hill? How about a quirky 450 sq. ft. condo in a 1920's building. Featured on Apartment Therapy multiple times, it's a nice look at what you can do even when you don't have a lot of space.

Need something bigger? How about 1,700 square feet in Mt. Baker. This mid-century, split-level 4-BR is tucked away in a shaded area complete with a tiered backyard and deck.

Finally, there's even something for the sustainable crowd. Here's a custom 2-BR in North Admiral that the current owners built themselves. The floors are tinted concrete with radiant heating, the walls are either plywood or MDF with a clear finish, the ceilings are also a clear finished wood product or draped fabric, and the stairs are made from Poplar with a clear finish.
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