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Cornerspotted: Beacon Ave S and 14th Ave S

Yesterday, we asked you to guess where these brick buildings still stand today. Reader Pete L. and commenter Grrrowler got this at about the same time: Beacon Avenue South and 14th Avenue South.

Images: Seattle Municipal Archives, Google Maps
Images: Seattle Municipal Archives, Google Maps Save a few updates to exteriors and fences, the corner of Beacon Avenue S and 14th Avenue S remains largely unchanged, although the Lamp Post Tavern is now Lioe's Automotive Service.

Still need a little help orienting yourself? Go forward a few blocks to continue into a residential area, still home to many of the same houses that stood back in the day. Turn around and hit a small commercial district, including Inay's Asian Pacific Restaurant — their Friday night drag show from server Atasha Manila wasn't there in 1957, either.
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