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Seattle Among Cities America's Filthy Rich Call Home Most

When some people think of Seattle, they think we're all baristas wearing flannels and shopping in thrift stores with Macklemore. Those people usually don't take into considering the impact that companies like Microsoft and Amazon have had on the region, amongst many other things. Nowadays, Washington is home to some seriously wealthy folks, many of whom call the Puget Sound region home. Specifically, Washington is home to 1,240 "ultra high net worth individuals" (i.e., grossly rich people, i.e. people with net assets above $30 million), up 4.2% from last year, according to the Wealth-X Special Report on America's Ultra Wealthy Population, released last week. That's good for 15th in the nation, just behind Minnesota and New Jersey. Specifically speaking about Seattle, 1,095 of those individuals live here (we're guessing they've lumped Bellevue in as well). That puts Seattle 10th in North America when it comes to ultra-wealthy city residents.
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