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Listed For $275K, Hillman City Home Sells For $378K

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The 3-BR at 5920 48th Ave S in the up-and-coming Seattle neighborhood of Hillman City looks like an unassuming mid-century modern tri-level with a whole lot of wood interior and lots of room to stretch out in. Who knew it would also be the subject of a serious bidding war? Listed on Nov. 5 for $275K, the house received 12 offers that drove the price upward before eventually going under contract a week later on Nov. 12. When it was all said and done, the house sold for $378K, $103K over ask. Assessed at $288K, it remains to be seen if this was just a case of a low ask or buyers overreaching for potential.
· 5920 48th Ave S [Redifn]