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Last Week's Biggest Sales: Magnolia Marvel

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Listed for: $3.348M
Received: $3.348M
Size: 3-BR, 3 bath, 8,193 sq. ft.
Location: 1640 Magnolia Blvd W, Magnolia
The Skinny: One of the prime views, SW overlooking Central Puget Sound, including Mt. Rainier. Designed by George Suyama, the house is classically elegant, equipped for entertaining, and poised for relaxing.

Listed for: $2.2M
Received: $2.2M
Size: 4-BR, 3 bath, 3,540 sq. ft.
Location: 1633 Broadmoor Dr E, Broadmoor
The Skinny: Broadmoor and brick and classic. Built in 1940 on a proper quarter acre lot, it is more of an estate than a house. In less than 4,000 square feet they created a feel of something baronal.

Listed for: $1.295M
Received: $1.295M
Size: 5-BR, 3.5 bath, 4,102 sq. ft.
Location: 5400 Princeton Ave NE, Hawthorne Hills
The Skinny: Modern it is! Definitely a 2014 house with 2014 sensibilities. They aimed for Built-Green. Can a house be more rectilinear? Everything is square or angles, except the tub. Nice access to the Burke-Gilman trail.