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Early Design Renderings for a Fairview Tower

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South Lake Union is growing quickly enough that someone thinks they need more "sustainable, quality" places for people to live. Weber Thompson and The Justen Company have submitted renderings for early design guidance of a two tower (no Lord of the Rings reference intended) multi-family (or one really big family) complex at 425 Fairview Ave. One tower is 7 stories. The other is 24 stories.

What's there is certainly not as tall. But, that's the nature of South Lake Union lately. Growth must go up because there's no more land to work with. The views from inside the new building will be better, but what do you think about the views from outside?

The Review Meeting is on December 17, at 8:00 pm at 1901 1st Ave W.

· 425 Fairview EDG Presentation PDF []