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Get Wet With A Meydenbauer Bay Mansion

Another multi-million dollar house. Puget Sound certainly has a lot of them. But this one is refreshing because it actually has something more than the latest appliances, lots of marble, and fine woodwork. Yes, for $4,388,000 you get a 6,500 square foot house with 4 bedrooms and 4.75 baths. But, the room count was all you wanted, there are houses at about one-tenth the price. They, however, probably aren't in downtown Bellevue, on the water, with a dock, a pool, a wine cellar, and an elevator.

You know Bellevue has a bay, right? Meydenbauer Bay may not get the traffic of Elliott Bay, and that can be good. It is a lot tougher to get waterfront on Elliott Bay, unless you're a shipping company. The dock supports deep mooring with no tides to worry about, and a lot less potential for storm damage. Skip the bridges and sail to Seattle.

If you still want to get wet, but don't want to jump in the lake, jump in the pool. Look at it first. It is not a simple cement pond. The pool is enclosed under a vaulted ceiling, surrounded by tile work, capped with a hot tub, and set beside a fireplace. It is also a pool with a view. That's uncommon. Of course, that's probably moot when you're swimming laps, but your poolside guests will appreciate it, unless they jump in too.

Getting your insides wet is easy too. The wine cellar holds hundreds (thousands?) of bottles. The house has 6,500 square feet and only 4 bedrooms. That probably means lots of room for entertaining. You'll need your own wine warehouse.

Finally, get up stairs with your elevator. Perfect for after a tiring day of sailing, followed by a bit of exercise swimming, and then a few hours of entertaining. You might not have the energy left to get up stairs otherwise.

And, oh yes, the kitchen and baths are nicely appointed, but that's common, right? Go beyond common.
· 355 Shoreland Dr SE Bellevue [NWG]
Written by Tom Trimbath

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