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Curbed Cup First Round: (3) Queen Anne vs. (14) Columbia City

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The Curbed Cup, Curbed Seattle annual Neighborhood of the Year tournament is in its first round. The deserving candidates will be presented in two match-ups per day through the week, with results reviewed on Friday. Polls are open for 24 hours, starting now!

This round, Queen Anne versus Columbia City. Which deserves the Cup more, sweeping views and access to downtown or truly diverse and walkable?

Photo: Greg Dunlap

In this corner…Queen Anne. If people want pictures of Seattle, they either use a boat, or use Queen Anne. The best views are usually one step back from the subject, and Queen Anne is one step away from downtown. The heights that show off the Cascades, the Olympics, Mt. Rainier, and the Sound. Include the ability to roll down the hill to Seattle Center events and you have convenience, too. The climb back up is good exercise.

Photo: Rob Ketcherside

In the other corner…Columbia City. Seattle is known for its mix of cultures, but few places in the nation are as diverse as Columbia City. It's also one of the greenest communities in the country. That's an impressive accomplishment considering that it's in the Evergreen State. Diverse, green, and affordable - an impressive combination.

It's a battle between the hill and the valley. Who moves on to the Elite Eight?

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