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Cornerspotted: Sand Point Way NE & NE 64th St

Written by Sarah Anne Lloyd

Yesterday, we asked you to guess the location of a "landscaped triangle." Nobody guessed this corner: Sand Point Way NE & NE 64th St.

Images: Seattle Municipal Archives, Google Maps
On July 10, 1973, citizens gathered to celebrate a brand-new, if a little tiny, outdoor space. We imagine the crowd was a little bigger at Sand Point Park's dedication in December 1975, soon after the city acquired the land from the US Navy. You know it better as Warren G. Magnuson park, although the name came a couple of years later. While the park has undergone a number of changes in the past 40 years or so — Kite Hill, the Fisheries Research Center — it seems like most of what's gone down on this corner, other than a slightly-augmented sidewalk, is just regular ol' tree-growth. · All Cornerspotter coverage [CS]