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Here's Your Curbed Cup 2014 First Round Recap

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The Curbed Cup returned this week as we set out to determine Seattle's top neighborhood of 2014. Every day we presented two match-ups and put them to a vote. Here now are the results…

· Bottom seeded Georgetown beat top seeded Ballard in the biggest upset battle, and the one closest by percent. Those two accumulated more votes in their first 24 hours than the rest.
· Columbia City was almost as busy, but Queen Anne wasn't; which is why Columbia City pwned Queen Anne.
· Fremont paraded past the Central District.
· South Lake Union rallied after a slow start against Wallingford.
· Green Lake rang Belltown's bell, but by so few votes that one good-sized dinner party would've swung the match.
· Pioneer Square was livelier than Ravenna.
· Greenwood won out over the U-District. Maybe the students went home for the holidays.
· And Capitol Hill over Magnolia by tripling their vote total.

Monday, we'll kick off the Elite Eight and move one step closer to finding out who will be crowned 2014 Curbed Cup champion.
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